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HerTech: Voices of Women in Technology

Discrimination and disadvantages based on gender are present in all areas of society. These are particularly present in certain niches such as natural sciences and technology. With our project HerTech we want to make discrimination in the technology scene visible on the one hand, and on the other hand tell stories of success and empower women.

HerTech is an innovative web application designed to highlight and celebrate the experiences of women in the technology sector. Through a collaboration of software development and feminist artistry, this project aims to create a platform where women can share their stories of empowerment, challenge, and success in the tech industry.

Our goal is to leverage technology to amplify the voices of women in tech, fostering a community of support, inspiration, and empowerment. By creating a space where stories of triumphs and trials can be shared, HerTech seeks to encourage more women to pursue and thrive in technology careers.

In a world where women in technology continue to face significant barriers, HerTech serves as a beacon of inspiration and support. By sharing our project at the C3 Festival, we hope to ignite conversations, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the incredible contributions of women in technology.


Jasmin Mittag and Lurie Kimmerle.

Lurie is American. Jasmin is German. When we met, it quickly became clear that we had similar goals, even though we came from different industries. Gender-based discrimination has been a concern for both of us for a long time. Our common goal is to uncover and therefore transform the disadvantages faced by women. Since we have different backgrounds in terms of origin and profession, working together is very interesting and enriching for both of us.