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Take part in our Photo Campaign!

What is feminism today? As feminist activists, we are often asked this question. 

Because feminism and feminist issues are very complex, our project seeks answers with you together to the question: What is feminism today? What is feminism for you? We would be very happy if you participate in our project and send us your personal photo statement.

How to submit:

1. Write large and clearly a sign with your addition to “Feminism is…”

2. While taken a picture, hold the sign in your hands and look into the camera. Your photo will be best outside in daylight.

3 . Upload the photo here. The file size must not exceed 3 MB per submission. You hereby affirm that you have the rights to the photo and agree that we may use the photo with your first name as part of the “What is feminism today?” campaign.

    first name:

    mail adress (we use it just if we have questions, we don't publish your contact)


    I submit the contribution under the above conditions and agree with the publication. I do not violate any third party rights with the submission.

    Your message: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your contribution? (optional)

    Photo Campaign