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About “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?”

Are you organizing an event and want to invite us? Would you like to book a feminist lecture or workshop? Do you want to talk to us about a cooperation or support our work with a donation? Are you interested in an interview and want to report on our projects? Please get in touch with Jasmin.

Jasmin Mittag (Activist and Artist)
When I was a teenager, I never imagined that I would become a feminist activist. At that time, I didn’t even know what feminism was. That’s why it’s all the more important to me today to push the social movement forward and communicate feminist content.
I’m so grateful to the people who have been fighting for women’s rights and gender equality – especially in the last 200 years. But we still have a lot of gender related issues need to move forward to achieve equal opportunities.

Jasmin Mittag, Activist and Artist | Founder of “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?” and “Wer braucht Feminismus?” //
Campaign Manager of “WBF Aeronautics”

We are combining activism and art to create awareness for gender equality

The German initiative “Wer braucht Feminismus?” was founded in 2012 by the activist and artist Jasmin Mittag. In the last 10 years, we have raised awareness of gender-based discrimination with various projects and have set ourselves the goal of empowering people. Basically we are combining activism and art to create awareness for gender equality. With our new project “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?” we are going international now!

We want to draw attention to feminist issues and debates. We want to give people a platform. We want to inspire people to contribute to gender equality. We want to empower people in their feminist perspective and connect them. That is why we have been campaigning since 2012 to make feminist issues visible. We want to contribute to the growth of the feminist movement.

With “WHAT IS FEMINISM today?” we are working especially on doing even more educational work internationally. We give workshops on feminist topics and the feminist movement. In addition, we are about to preparing feminist content digitally and make it available to the general public.

Our German Campaign and Exhibition “Wer braucht Feminismus?”

As part of the photo campaign of the same name, “Wer braucht Feminismus?” has collected over 3,000 feminist statements so far, which are presented in the internet and a traveling exhibition. We already showed our exhibition in over 50 locations in town halls, universities and libraries in Germany.

“Wer braucht Feminismus?” goes back to the a photo project “Who needs feminism?” of US-American students who took photos of each other with signs in their hands saying why they need feminism. Jasmin Mittag discovered this project of the students on Facebook in the summer of 2012 and was immediately enthusiastic: “We need just such a campaign for feminism in German!” She immediately thought, did not hesitate and contacted the initiators who thought the idea of translating the project in German was great.

We were organizing a lot of talks, panels, conferences and network events in the last 10 years. Besides other awards were nominated for the “Smart Hero Award” (Facebook & Stiftung Digitale Chancen) and won the “Green Pussy Hat” (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). We are organized as an initiative and do the grassroots work on a voluntary basis.

The Project “WBF Aeronautics” and the “Vulva Spaceship”

WBF Aeronautics is a collaboration between Dr. Lucia Hartmann and her team and “Wer braucht Feminismus?” (WBF). Dr. Lucia Hartmann started her research work about spaceships and discovered that a spaceship varying from traditional shapes, would be more aerodynamic and create less drag, thus being more sustainable.

She reached out to us for the purpose of a collaboration and for us to do the media work as there is much more to it than just the scientific aspect. On the one hand, the topic is sensitive, but on the other hand, it also holds great opportunities. The symbol of a Spaceship in a V-shape represents more diversity in space. People started to call our spacecraft “Vulva Spaceship”. Thus, the project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and is communicating to the world that anyone has a place in the universe, regardless of physical characteristics. 

We believe that equality has even a place in space. It’s time for new symbols in the universe.

Kampagne "Wer braucht Feminismus?"
Kampagne "Wer braucht Feminismus?"
Kampagne "Wer braucht Feminismus?"
Kampagne "Wer braucht Feminismus?"