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  1. Donate for our educational work. Get in touch for more information.
  2. Book us for a lecture or a workshop. Inivite us to your event. Report about our campaign and projects. Reach out to Jasmin.
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  5. Submit your tip how we can act more feminist in daily life. Scroll down and create one sentence.

Support Feminism

We still have a lot of gender related issues in daily life, in politics, in economics, in education and health – in nearly every area we take a look at. It’s a disadvantage not to be a man and be seen as female. Gender clichés and gender roles are still omnipresent and produce limited options for all of us to this very day. 

We should use our ressources and energy for the greater good and join forces to make earth a more equal place. There are many ways to support equal opportunities. Especially in everyday life, we can all make a contribution through small measures. What are your tips on how we can be more feminist in everyday life? Share your experience! We create a list that we continuously add to. We look forward to your submission! How to behave feminist in daily life? Put your tip in one sentence.

    How to support feminism in daily life – your tips:

    We are proud to present all your tips for being and acting more feminist in daily life. We believe that every tip has its justification. Please note, that we present your submissions, the order is arbitrary and does not reflect a ranking. 

    1. Educate yourself about feminist issues, debates, and history by watching movies, reading books, articles and so on.
    2. Support each other and don’t treat each other with prejudice.
    3. Alerting people when they say or act in a sexist manner.
    4. Use gender-fair and diversity-sensitive language.
    5. Be alert and if someone is being harassed, stand by the person.
    6. In general, do not comment on people’s clothing and appearance without being asked.
    7. Take the shame out of menstruation and talk about it openly.
    8. Drop sexist sayings.